Pererenan Pilot Village

Every month we distribute alternative bags to the local shops and warungs in our pilot village, which is home to 800 families. We are committed to making this village plastic bag free!


One Island One Voice

A collective of NGOs, shops, hotels, restaurants, orgs and individuals who are committed to reducing waste on the island and solve the plastic problem with us. We are stronger together!


Education Booklet

In 2014, BBPB completed version 1 of their educational booklet for primary aged students to learn about the harms of plastic. It was distributed throughout schools in Indonesia. An updated Version 2 of the booklet is to be published and distributed in 2018.


River Booms

River booms collect trash that would otherwise flow into the ocean or get stuck on the coastline. BBPB works with students from Green School to build booms from recycled material and use in rivers across Bali.


Women from a mountain village in bali are making alternative bags, using collected and donated cloth materials. The bags will be sold across Bali retailers. PLUS for every one bag sold, one bag will be donated to a local community member.