BBPB Global


Our TED talk has opened up so many opportunities and put us on a global spotlight. Bye Bye Plastic Bags has not only become an official idea worth spreading by TED but we have also become an inspirational story for thousands around the world. To us, this side of BBPB is the most powerful; YOUTH EMPOWERMENT. Seeing the YOUNG people standing up and raising their voices, they were the ones reaching out and sending emails saying “ Hey! I want to take BBPB back to where I come from.”

Today you can find BBPB in these different places around the world:

A lot of us bright minds WANT to make a difference but often find ourselves not knowing where to start. BBPB has become a living example that kids can make a difference and gives them a platform to jump on and join! We are so happy to have a growing crew that joins us on this building wave to say no to plastic bags.

Want to get involved and bring BBPB to your community???

Now you can, by applying to be an official BBPB Global Team in your home city or region. Take your 1st step by clicking on button below to tell us who you are and where you want to start a team.