Can Melati and Isabel attend and/or speak at an event we are organizing?

We’d love to! Please submit your request for attendance and/or speaking opportunity through our contact form below. Please keep in mind that the founders of BBPB are not able to accept all event requests.


What events are coming up, that I can get involved in?

We have moved all of our event information to FB. For any upcoming events that you can join please check out the Bali FB page. Events in other countries will be posted on each of their social media pages as well.

Can I do an interview with Melati and Isabel?

Sure! We’re always happy to share our story! Depending on our schedule, it may take a while for us to get back to you. We did our best to put together an FAQ to best answer some of your questions. You can download that FAQ here. However, if there are additional questions that you seek to get answered, we ask that you send through our contact form below.


Where can I find pictures, videos, etc that I can use to write about girls?

Please download our Media Kit here.

You can use photos and videos posted on the BBPB FB Page and on the BBPB YouTube Channel, mostly in the comments we will write who the video was officially published by.  

Please keep in mind you may NOT use our TED Talk.

Profile shots of Melati and Isabel should be given photo credit to photographer.

Photo credits could be Andrew Wyton, Zissou, or Karen Hoogland.

How can I donate to BBPB?

You can donate money through paypal or directly to our bank account in Indonesia.


Name of Account : Yayasan Bumi Indah
Bank : BNI
Account Number (Rupiah) : 480689921
Branch : Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia


I am interested in partnering with BBPB. How does this work? What is process?

Learn about how to partner with BBPB and apply to become a partner of BBPB here.


How can I get involved with BBPB?

There are a number of ways to get involved with BBPB

  1. Join a BBPB Team by attending a monthly meeting or volunteering at an upcoming event. Check the FB page for the team closest to you to learn about what activities are coming up.
  2. Start your own BBPB Team
  3. Donate to BBPB (link to paypal)
  4. Follow us through social media and help us share the message

Are there positions open for volunteers or employees?

We are always looking for volunteers. You can volunteer as much or as little time and energy as you want. Look into what activities this month you can do here, and look into the different projects going on here.  Currently, there are no positions available for employees. If something opens up, we will post this through our social media!


  • Position (paid) : secretary
  • Position (voluntary) : two session of training

Is there a BBPB team in my country? How can I get in touch with them?

Check the map on our website to see what teams have already been started. Contact information for each Team Leader is available when you click on each logo.


In how many countries are BBPB?

Check out the map of all the countries and cities were BBPB has already launched.


How can I start my own BBPB team?

Be sure to check out the map of all the countries and cities were BBPB teams already exist. If your country is already on this map – get in touch with the local Team Leader and see how you can get involved. If not, then please start your own team. Download the Starter Kit here and start taking action. Once you complete the Starter Kit you will submit your findings in our official BBPB Global Team Application


How can I get my school involved?

Schools are a great place for new BBPB teams to start. Check out our map of Global Teams to see if there is already a team in your area, if yes, invite them to give a presentation at your school and grow the team from there. If there is not already a team in the area, you can start a BBPB Team in your school by downloading the Starter Kit here. Once you complete the Starter Kit you will submit your findings in our official BBPB Global Team Application

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